Self-defense training is essential for those who want to build confidence and ensure that they are protected against the unexpected. Today, many companies provide self-defense training as part of their wellness programs and as a way to ensure that their employees remain safe, healthy and happy. If you are an employer considering a self-defense training program, you might want to think about these benefits.

Self-Defense Training Will Help Employees in Dangerous Jobs

What constitutes a dangerous job? More jobs than you imagine. Any job that deals with cash has some inherent risk to it — and just think about how many of your employees likely handle cash. If you have employees who do bank runs, they could easily become targeted. Self-defense training will help your employees if they are ever in a dangerous situation — and will make them feel more confident. In addition to training, protocols should be in place so that employees are never left alone or vulnerable when they are carrying cash, regardless of the location or time of day.

Self-Defense Training Can Build Employee Confidence and Health

Self-defense training is more than just for self-defense! Knowing that you can defend yourself also builds your self-esteem and confidence, which is why it is so often suggested for children. Self-defense training isn’t just about defending yourself, it’s also about being aware of your surroundings and knowing your own capabilities. Employees who go through this training will be more confident overall, leading to higher levels of satisfaction and productivity.

Self-Defense Training Shows Employees You Care

In addition to the direct benefits, offering self defense training to your employees shows that you care about their health — just as a wellness program does. This gives employees an additional benefit while working for you, which is also an excellent talking point for those who are in competitive labor markets and who must court new employees. It can be used to further develop wellness programs and to provide a new way for a company to engage with employees while improving the company’s culture.

A self-defense program is quick and easy to implement and can have a dramatic effect on the confidence and happiness of your employees! Consider this the next time your company discusses its wellness program or security needs.