If your corporation already has some type of security plan in place, the current aspects of your security plan should be assessed. Your LawMan security consultant will assess your security plan to determine if there are security issues that need to be addressed.

Site Assessment

The initial step to creating your unique comprehensive security plan is to perform a physical site assessment. Once your LawMan security consultant completes the physical site assessment, you will know which security controls you should implement. To ensure adequate security, you will need both physical and process controls.

Physical and Process Controls

When you guarantee enforceability of your corporation’s policies, you limit the liability of the corporation and its owners.

Your LawMan security consultant can help you:

  • Establish operating procedures for your staff.
  • Successfully limit access to the restricted areas in your establishment.
  • Keep your corporation’s sensitive information secure.
  • Create and then maintain an effective reporting system. This ensures accountability and loss recovery.
  • Prepare for foreseeable and unforeseeable events.

Your consultant will help you prepare for events that occur due to:

  • Non-competition violations
  • System loopholes
  • Accidents
  • Information leakage
  • The potential for terrorist activity
  • A disgruntled employee

Every corporation needs to maintain written operating procedures for each of the issues listed above. LawMan Security & Consulting can help you determine which security equipment will serve your corporation the best.

Prevent Operation Interruptions

Operation interruptions can cause problems for any corporation, its staff, the people and community it serves. Just keeping unauthorized individuals out of secure areas may not be enough.

Vandalism and sabotage are always important security concerns for a corporation. However, what about industrial accidents or environmental and natural disasters? A corporation needs a physical security plan that takes all of these issues into consideration.

LawMan Consulting Services and its officers help corporations design disaster recovery plans and enforce procedures.

A LawMan Security Officer can:

  • Maintain order so that if possible, operations can continue
  • Administer first aid
  • Lead operations
  • Direct emergency services
  • In the event of an emergency, marshal resources and protect assets

LawMan Security & Consulting is owned and operated by actual police officers. As police officers, they have the ability to uphold the law and even arrest a perpetrator on the spot if necessary. The insight that our security officers bring with them ensures that your corporation receives the best security personnel possible in conjunction with a strong, well-designed and comprehensive security plan. Contact LawMan to learn more about the ways you can protect your corporation.