I wanted to take a moment to drop you a note to express my appreciation for the services provided by LawMan. Not only do your officers exhibit professionalism and commitment to their task, your company management is second to none. The very few times we’ve had any issues, LawMan has taken immediate action for correction without question or debate. That’s not something you normally see in private security or off-duty work. More importantly, when an officer has had to take enforcement action, you’ve been quick to contact me just to make sure it was all handled correctly. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate that type of follow up.

Based off experience using your services at my previous employer, I had no doubt about your ability to supply off-duty officers for security services. Since moving to Tropicana, I have also been impressed with your training services. Sergeant Smith did an excellent job instructing our security team in defensive tactics and handcuffing. Although, Sgt. Smith is a well studied martial artist and a highly credentialed instructor for law enforcement, he distilled his expertise into a course providing effective skills for my team to physically manage a situation, but geared it towards security. Taking the time to explain the differences between a security officer approach to a situation versus a law enforcement approach was important for our team to understand and will keep them safer in the future.

Having sworn law enforcement officers who have the combined skills of not being “badge heavy,” wanting to arrest everyone and have the understanding of the nuances of working in an entertainment environment has proven to be a useful tool in our mission to protect our guests and team members.

Chris Freeman, PSP, CPP
Director of Security