It is with great pleasure that I am writing this letter of recommendation for Lawman Security & Consulting.

The Women’s Hospital initiated a service relationship with LawMan in 2014 to assist us with an episodic safety issue. They provided an armed officer within hours of our request and staffed our need until the issue was resolved.

In 2015, the hospital held internal forums on workplace safety. The result of these forums once again let us to contact LawMan Security & Consulting. Our leadership team worked with one of the company’s co-owners, Deputy Bryan Bishop. He quickly engaged in our project and addressed our concerns with feedback utilizing their expertise and knowledge.

LawMan then provided suggestions for services they offer that matched the needs of our facility. Together, The Women’s Hospital and Lawman brought these programs to fruition within a very quick turnaround time. The first program was the implementation of on-site armed security services and the second was the implementation of house-wide training in Active Threat Preparedness & Verbal Judo. We have received positive responses from our staff and are even adding training to our existing schedule.

By partnering with LawMan Security& Consulting, we are offering a better environment to our patients, families, community and employees. In addition, we are simultaneously providing our employees with tools that equip and prepare them should a difficult situation arise. LawMan has been quick, professional and has delivered immediate results. The LawMan staff is kind, accommodating and observant to our company culture and standards of performance. We are very pleased to be working with them.


Christina M. Ryan, CEO