Security Patrol Benefits for Businesses

Many business owners balk at the idea of investing in security patrols. This is largely due to a lack of understanding about the full extent of benefits of having onsite security patrols, who are trained and current law enforcement officers. Here are a few of the benefits that make this an investment well worth considering.

Improved Safety for Employees and Customers

Law enforcement patrols serve as a visible deterrent for people who could harm your employees or people who buy from you. Both groups are important to your business for numerous reasons. Workplace safety is always a concern for potential employees, and customers do not want to visit a business if they do not feel safe while on the property.

Better Security

Security for your property is important to any business. Not only do you not want to suffer losses of inventory or equipment (or even repairs for damage to these items), but also you do not want proprietary equipment, plans, or goods falling into the wrong hands – like your competitors’.

You work hard to keep up with the latest technological and scientific advances in your industry so that you can maintain an edge over your competitors. Security isn’t only about keeping vandals and thieves at bay, it’s about securing your business secrets so your competition doesn’t get their hands on them.

Another benefit of hiring law enforcement officers rather than traditional “security guards” is that active duty law enforcement officers have the ability to detain trespassers, and they can exercise full arrest privileges – even after hours when they’re working for you. This means that the people who do attempt to vandalize, steal from your business, or assault customers and/or employees are immediately arrested and not able to escape while waiting for police to arrive on the scene.

Potential Insurance Discounts

Insurance is a big expense for many businesses. This is the result of the risks the insurance companies take in insuring your business. However, onsite security patrols by law enforcement officers can help mitigate those risks by providing a substantial preventative presence on the grounds and can possibly lower the costs of insurance with some providers.

This goes a long way toward offsetting the investment your business makes in hiring law enforcement officers to handle your security needs during and after hours.

With so many benefits, what are you waiting for? Now is the time to invest in better security for your business.