Personal Protection Classes

Personal Protection Classes

Learn from Real Professionals in Indiana


      As law enforcement professionals, we know the importance of being able to protect yourself in threatening situations. The officers at LawMan Security & Consulting have firsthand experience. That’s why we offer professionally instructed personal protection classes, the best in self-defense classes in Indiana.

      Our courses, ranging in length from two to four hours, teach you how to be aware of your surroundings, how to trust your instincts, how to turn fear into empowerment, and how to use your natural weapons against potential attackers. Instructed by seasoned professional Sergeant Sam Smith, courses are available for men and women of all ages, both within and outside of law enforcement professions.

      Two-Hour Courses

      • Bully-Countering Skills for Elementary Students
      • Bully-Countering Skills for Junior High Students
      • Kids’ Self Defense
      • Empty Hand Control Techniques for Security and Hospital Personnel
      • Home Invasion Protection

      Four-Hour Courses

      • Women’s Self Defense
      • Handcuffing Techniques for Security Agencies
      • Grappling Club System for Law Enforcement and Private Security
      • Ground Fighting for Law Enforcement
      • Takedown and Control Procedures for Law Enforcement

      Personal Protection Classes Now Available!

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          Up-Coming Personal Protection Classes

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