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Deputy Bryan Bishop

A deputy sheriff since 2005, Bryan Bishop has worked for the Vanderburgh County Sheriff’s Office since 2001. He is a certified instructor with Indiana Law Enforcement Academy, a certified Taser instructor with Taser International, and lead Active Shooter instructor for the Vanderburgh Co. Sheriffs Department. Bryan also serves as a tactical response instructor to Residential and Commercial Property. Bishop is also assigned full-time to the U.S. Marshals Fugitive Task Force as a K9 handler. In 2010, Bryan received a Distinguished Service Medal – the Sheriff’s Office’s third-highest honor – for rescuing an off-duty Warrick County deputy sheriff from the icy Ohio River that January. A resident of Vanderburgh County since 1995, Bryan attended Harrison High School, the University of Southern Indiana, the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy,  Top Dog Police Canine Academy and Indiana Law Enforcement Instructor School.

Certification / Training

  • Indiana Law Enforcement Academy
  • Top Dog Police Academy
  • Basic SWAT-EPD
  • Hostage Rescue-Steve Claggett
  • High Risk Warrants-Safariland
  • VCQB instructor-Centrifuge
  • Alerrt Active Shooter instructor
  • Active Shooter instructor-Steve Claggett
  • High Risk Operations US Marshals Special Operations Group
  • Tactical Medic-VCSO
  • Counter Ambush and Maneuvers- Jonas Polson
  • Taser Instructor 
  • LEO Krav Maga Basic instructor- Gary Morris
  • LEO Advanced Krav Maga instructor
  • Desert Snow Interdiction
  • 420 Interdiction 
  • Less Lethal Applications
  • 5 Voices Leadership course  

Training Instructors

LawMan Security & Consulting offers multiple training courses taught by real professionals. Classes include tourniquet training and first responder casualty care training targeted towards law enforcement officers and emergency medical technicians. LawMan also provides civilian training for Personal Protection, CPR Training, Tourniquet, Tactical Communications, Firearms, and much more.

Sgt. Kurt Althoff - Lead Investigator

Sgt. Althoff has been involved with law enforcement since 1998. He has worked his way up the ranks within Vanderburgh County Sheriffs Office from patrol to the rank of Sergeant in narcotics and is also currently a supervisor in a federal fugitive task force. Sgt. Althoff has attended numerous interviews and surveillance trainings that allow him to effectively investigate for our clients. With his real-life experience as an investigator and numerous hours of courtroom testimony, he is a valuable asset to our clients in a courtroom environment.

Officer Justin Bean - Security Team Director

Officer Justin Bean has been an Indiana State Trooper since 2007 with specialized training in Drug Enforcement, Marijuana Eradication, Criminal Investigations, and Fugitive Apprehension. Officer Bean is also currently assigned to the United States Marshals Great Lakes Fugitive Task Force and has been a detective with the Indiana State Police for 11 years. He was born and raised in Terre Haute, Indiana and a graduate of the University of Southern Indiana. Officer Bean’s training includes the following:  the Midwest Counterdrug Training Centers Indoor Cannabis Cultivation Investigators Course, the Surveillance Investigations Course, the US Marshals Fugitive and Criminal Investigators Course, the Clandestine Laboratory Investigators Course, the Reid Investigative Interviewing and Advanced Interrogation Techniques Course, and is a Certified ALERRT Active Shooter instructor.

Dr. Don Cates, DVM

Cates is a specialist in Working Dogs, Canine Orthopedics, and Canine Reproduction. He provides veterinary services to Indiana State Police K-9s and K-9s from other states to keep them healthy throughout their training period. Since 2003 Cates has not only been involved in working dog health but has also been actively involved in working dog training. His personal dogs are trained by USPCA standards. Cates trains dogs and handlers for Schutzhund competition, personal protection work, as well as family obedience. He served as the veterinarian for the 2012 USCA German Shepherd National Championship and the 2005 USPCA Nationals.  Dr. Cates received his Bachelor of Science and Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine from Purdue University.

Officer Kenny Dutschke

Kenny Dutschke has been a law enforcement officer since 2003. He currently works in the EPD Crime Prevention Unit and has served as a member of the SWAT team since 2012 and currently a Team Leader as well as the training coordinator for the VIPER unit team. Kenny also works as an Indiana Law Enforcement Academy instructor with specialty training in Glock Armorer. He has trained in numerous tactical combat courses including TC3, Fulcrum Tactical Advanced Hostage Rescue x2, Redback One Offensive Stronghold Clearance, and Redback One Counter Ambush. Additionally, he completed training at both the Fulcrum Tactical Active Shooter Instructors School and at the National Tactical Officers Association.

Daniel Gaffney

Dan started his law enforcement career in 1994. At that time, he had trained hundreds of law enforcement officers in self-defense, close-quarters combat, and de-escalation solutions. He is the former owner and instructor of multiple martial arts schools in the Tri-State area with over 35-years of teaching experience. He left law enforcement for the private sector in 2006, going into financial management. A year later he had the opportunity to serve his country in field operations via the US State Department. He completed his training in Fredericksburg Virginia, then CRC at Fort Bliss in El Paso TX.

He was deployed to Ramadi Iraqi where he completed 100’s combat missions and was recognized by the Raider Brigade Combat Team for his contribution to the US Military. He later rose to the level of Officer in Charge (OIC) of the Ramadi Government Center. After returning to the US, he completed his MBA at Oakland City University and has course work towards his Doctoral Degree in Education Administration. He maintained his financial practice while receiving his Principal and Teaching licenses. Dan has served as an Adjunct Instructor at Oakland City University for nearly 12-years. He still teaches and trains close-quarters combat, grappling, and self-defense classes to empower individuals.

Debbie Hildebrandt

Debbie will be that warm welcoming smile in the office waiting to help you with membership and sales. Hildebrandt comes to us with 32 yrs of civic duty through the City of Evansville. Fifteen of those years were spent with the Evansville Police Department. As a Training Coordinator, she developed many good working relationships with various training associations. She brought multiple training events to the EPD that were attended by Officers throughout the United States.

Hildebrandt also developed a strong relationship with NCTC (Northeast Counterdrug Training Center) which helped bring a large variety of their training events to EPD with no cost to law enforcement and were well attended by officers from the tri-state area and US.

She helped promote the Evansville Police Department’s SWAT School and offered their successful program to outside agencies which typically filled up within a week. Hildebrandt also coordinated the Evansville Police Department Citizens Academy 3 times a year. One of which was a very successful Latino Citizens Academy with a translator, trying to bridge the gap of communication between the Latino community and Law Enforcement. Developed from the Citizens Academy program is the Evansville Citizens Academy Alumni Association which raises money to help EPD purchase items needed but are not provided for in their budget.

In addition to her work with law enforcement, Debbie was also a fitness instructor as Bob’s Gym for 8 years. No, she is not all work, she also loves hanging with her favorite gal pals and especially loves spending time with her blended family of 4 adult children (no grandchildren yet) she shares with her husband, a 34-year veteran of the Evansville Police Department, Brian Hildebrandt.

Montrel Johnson

Montrel Johnson instructs CPR Training for LawMan Security & Consulting. Montrel served in the U.S. Army for eight years in the 76th Infantry, based through the Indiana National Guard. His combat tours include Afghanistan and Iraq. While in the military, Montrel was certified as an Army Instructor, a Combat Life Saver Instructor, and a Team Leader. Today, Montrel works for Posey County Emergency Medical Services. Previously, he was a supervisor at American Medical Response (AMR). From an early age, Montrel was drawn to a career as a first responder; even volunteering as a Health Occupation Intern at AMR while still a high school student at Evansville’s Signature School. An EMS since 2003, he is certified in Indiana, Kentucky, and Illinois. He is also a nationally registered paramedic and currently a CPR instructor. Montrel holds certification in PALS, ACLS, and PHTLS, as well.

Officer Michael Lehmkuhler

Michael Lehmkuhler has been a firearms instructor with LawMan since 2017. He’s been police officer since 1994. Since joining his current department in 2000, Michael has been involved with training fellow officers in many areas. He is an Indiana Law Enforcement Academy certified instructor in Emergency Vehicle Operations and Firearms. In 2006, Officer Lehmkuhler became and is a current member of his department’s full time SWAT team. Officer Lehmkuhler also became an ILEA firearms Instructor and completed ILEA Sniper/Observer Course both in 2007. He instructs recruits at the recruit academy as well as officers on the road. Officer Lehmkuhler is a Glock Armorer and has been to numerous high-level courses in building clearing and weapons manipulations with both handgun and rifle. Their SWAT section also conducts active shooter training for all members of the department. Officer Lehmkuhler completed SIG Rifle School in 2013 and recently completed training at Norse Tactical in CQB techniques in 2016. “I look forward to passing on my knowledge how to handle a weapon and increase the skill to shoot it accurately.”

Officer Korey Mauck

Officer Korey Mauck has been with his department since 2007. Mauck served in the Army National Guard out of Evansville, IN and was deployed to Iraq in 2008 after completion of his police academy. Since joining the department in 2007, he has been involved with training fellow officers in many areas. Becoming a Defensive Tactics Instructor in 2010, Mauck instructs recruits at the academy as well as officers on the road. When working the road, he was also a Field Training Officer. Mauck became a firearms instructor in 2012 and has been heavily involved as a core instructor for his department at the police academy. He also instructed at the district level for regular firearms training during an extensive transition period when his department switched to a new gun manufacturer. Officer Mauck is a SigSauer Armorer for the Sig P220, P224, P225, P226, P227, P228, P229 and P239. He became a member of his department’s full time SWAT team in 2014 and during which time has also been to numerous high level courses in building clearing and weapons manipulations with both handgun and rifle. Since completing TEES, Officer Mauck is one of his team’s explosives breachers. Additionally, the SWAT section conducts active shooter training for all members of the department. In 2016, Mauck completed ILEA Sniper/Observer Course. Recently, Mauck trained two weeks at Norse Tactical in CQB techniques. Officer Mauck is a life member of the NRA.

Officer Taylor Merriss

Taylor Merriss has been a member of the Evansville Police Department since 2015. She began diving deeper into firearms and shooting in 2018 when she completed a 44 hour NRA class to become a Law Enforcement Handgun/Shotgun Instructor. She is also trained in Hostage Negotiations and Crisis Intervention. In 2021 she completed a Glock Armorers course, completed an AR15/M16/M4/AR308 Armorers course and also participated in Lawman Security and Consulting’s Basic S.W.A.T. School. Taylor has been a member of “Team Guns” boxing in Guns & Hoses during the 2019 and 2021 events.

Trooper Ross Rafferty

Ross Rafferty has worked with the Indiana State Police Department since 2012. He is a law enforcement firearms and tactics instructor and US ARMY Small Unit firearms and tactics instructor. Ross is an experienced large criminal case investigator, field training officer, and is qualified in ARMY Mountain Warfare. He is the Criminal Interdiction Team Leader and is trained in a number of law enforcement operations from ILEA SWAT to crime scene processing as well as US ARMY explosives and demolitions. Ross currently resides in Vanderburgh County and works as a District #35 Evansville Trooper. He is an alumnus of Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, IL, where he completed his bachelor’s degree in Administration of Justice with a minor in psychology.

Major Mark Rasure

Mark Rasure has been in law enforcement since 2007 and currently serves as the Administration Division commander of the Vanderburgh County Sheriff’s Office. He oversees training and personnel development for the organization. He is an Indiana Law Enforcement Training Board certified senior instructor with an emphasis on Vehicle Operations, Firearms, Rescue Task Force, Response to Active Killer, and Tactical Medicine for Patrol Officers. In 2014 Mark earned his advanced law enforcement driving instructor certification at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in Glynco, GA. Mark has training and experience in variety of topics such as basic patrol rifle and Glock handgun functionality and armoring, mental health, leadership, and wellness.

Officer Kasey Ross

Ross been an officer with EPD for 16 years and is currently assigned to the K-9 Unit as a dual purpose K9 handler. He’s been a member of the EPD SWAT team since 2009. During his time with EPD he has been fortunate enough to attend many great training courses and held various certifications such as:

  • Fulcrum Advanced hostage rescue
  • Red back Offensive Stronghold Clearance and Counter Ambush
  • Northern Red Hostage Rescue
  • TCCC (Tactical Combat Casualty Care)
  • Combat Strength Training by Pat McNamara
  • ILEA Certified Defensive Tactics Instructor
  • S.P.E.A.R Tactics certified
  • PTS Certified Defensive Tactics Instructor
  • Collegiate wrestler/ Guns&Hoses and Hook N Shoot MMA veteran/ and Continues to train in both Go/No Gi BJJ

Sgt. Sam Smith

Sergeant Sam Smith instructs personal protection courses for LawMan Security & Consulting. He is a veteran of the Evansville Police Department and has trained police officers since 2006. He is certified by the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy as a police instructor, having earned certifications in Pressure Points Control Tactics (PPCT), OCAT (pepper spray), use of force, handcuffing techniques, PPCT speed-cuffing, survival techniques and ground fighting, and Spontaneous Protection Enabling Action Response (SPEAR).

Additionally, Sergeant Smith has studied, instructed, and competed in the martial arts for most of his life, starting with folk-style wrestling in high school and moving on to Karate and Tae Kwon Do in college. As a police officer, he trained in Muay Thai kickboxing, submission wrestling, Pankratian, Combat Sambo and Russian Sport Sambo, Brazilian Ju-Jutsu, Kodokan Jujitsu, Judo, boxing, and the Filipino Martial Arts (FMA). He earned black belts in Sambo, Jujitsu, and Judo. He has been honored in numerous competitions at the state and local level for his outstanding performance as a martial artist.

Sergeant Smith is a published writer and a former adjunct professor. He taught at the University of Southern Indiana for 15 years and at Indiana University as a graduate student. He is a likeable and outgoing martial arts instructor and a personal protection consultant. He has experience teaching kids, women, and the elderly, and his unique teaching style makes him an effective, professional instructor.

Sgt. Jacob Taylor

Sergeant Jacob Taylor has worked for the Evansville Police Department since 2002. He has over 15 years of tactical knowledge and experience and is currently assigned to Violent Crimes (VIPER) / TFO for the United States Marshals Service. Sergeant Taylor holds instructor certifications in NRA Firearms, Shoot House, National Tactical Officers Association Active Shooter, Safariland-Def Tech Less Lethal, Centrifuge Patrol Tactics & Low light, and a LSU Active Shooter. He has advanced hostage rescue training, in addition to specialty training in Glock/AR15/H&K Armorer. Sgt. Taylor is one of nine officers in the United States to graduate all 3 modules of the National Tactical Officers Command College.

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