Lawman Security And Consulting Employee Performs Life-Saving Procedure

On November 21, Ryan Johnson, an employee of LawMan Security and Consulting, was on patrol at Farbest Foods in Huntingburg when an accident occurred. Farbest employee sustained an injury to his left hand from work machinery. The employee’s hand was bleeding profusely when Johnson arrived in the lobby. Johnson’s quick thinking and training enabled him to apply a tourniquet and slow the bleeding until the employee could be transported to the hospital.

The application of a tourniquet is one of the most effective ways to stop bleeding and save a life. Johnson, who is an active duty law enforcement officer as well as an employee of LawMan, had been trained for this life-threatening situation. LawMan offers this same training for the tourniquet procedure to anyone who might encounter an emergency situation. LawMan’s tourniquet course teaches trainees how to recognize the need for a tourniquet and how to property apply one using a combat application tourniquet (C.A.T.), the official tourniquet of the U.S. Army.

Based in Evansville, IN, LawMan Security and Consulting is a professional security company, owned and operated by local law enforcement officers. LawMan offers local businesses and residential neighborhoods the opportunity to privately contract the security and consulting services of active-duty uniformed police officers who are backed by experience, training and are authorized to make custodial arrests. Their security services include executive protection, after-hours business patrols, on-site business security, neighborhood patrols, secured escorts, and residential and rental property checks. LawMan also offers private investigation services, personal protection courses, and a 24-Hour Help Center.

For more information on their C.A.T. tourniquet training or other services, CLICK HERE.