EVANSVILLE, IN –LawMan Security and Consulting, a privately contracted security company based in Evansville, IN, has added a firearms training division to their growing list of services available to the community.

Beginning March 18th, LawMan will offer group firearms classes, job force training as well as one-on-one coaching on a wide range of firearms topics including basic firearms safety, handling, defensive shooting and advanced tactics.  All of their classes will be taught by active-duty SWAT operators. Classes are available to both civilians and law enforcement personnel who meet the requirements of gun ownership.

“Whether you are looking for beginner training in fundamentals or advanced techniques, our experienced instructors will work with you to achieve a higher level of confidence with firearms, in addition to safe handling and usage,” says Bryan Bishop, LawMan co-owner. “Our goal is to educate gun operators to never confuse luck with skill.”

The civilian courses that LawMan firearms training division will offer include basic and advanced handgun and long gun elements, vehicle close quarter combat, home defense techniques and concealed carry techniques. Law enforcement training courses will include handgun and long gun deployment, advanced patrol tactics, breaching techniques and SWAT school.  Those interested can find more information online at the Lawman website, Firearms Training Division.

For more information, please contact
Bryan Bishop
LawMan Security & Consulting
[email protected]