K-9 Detection Services

Discreet searches at home, school, or work


Illegal drugs are a bigger problem than they have ever been, and they are showing up everywhere – in our homes, schools, even our places of business. It’s nearly impossible to catch a drug user or dealer in the act, so you need a reliable drug detection solution to confirm your suspicions.

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LawMan Security and Consulting is the answer you’re looking for. Based in Evansville, Indiana, we serve all surrounding areas with private K9 drug detection services. We offer families, business owners, managers, school administrators, and anyone else with a vested interested in others the perfect way to keep tabs on what’s going on without involving the police.

If you think that someone you care about may be using or storing drugs, you can enlist the services of a K-9 and our experienced handler. Our handler is a civilian, not a law enforcement officer, so his findings are unofficial. Our dogs search for the odor of narcotics, not the drugs themselves. The will recognize the odor of marijuana, cocaine, crack cocaine, methamphetamine, ecstasy, and heroin, even if only a residue is present. Once our dogs have alerted to the presence of an odor, we leave it to the individual to locate the substance and handle the situation in the way they see fit.

At School

At Work

At Home

We routinely search vehicles, houses, apartments, offices, warehouses, parking lots, job sites, and educational facilities. Our dogs are well-trained and consistent so that you can depend on their reactions. They have passive alert signals, either sitting or standing staring, when they sense the presence of narcotics, so you won’t have to worry about your property being damaged by scratching and clawing. Ours are highly trained, certified and in their prime working years! Their handler is also certified according to the USPCA and Border Patrol standards and regulations. When you choose us, you’ll know that you’ll get peace of mind that is a far greater value than money can buy.

Private drug detection services in the Tri-State are easier than ever to attain if you know where to go! LawMan Security & Consulting is a reliable source for drug detection in all types of structures, indoors and outside.

K-9 Detection at School

Unfortunately, an alarmingly high percentage of high school students have seen drugs being used, sold, or kept on campus – in lockers, gym bags, purses, and cars. The presence of a drug detection dog in surrounding area schools is usually enough to deter students from bringing drugs to school and from using them on school property. Keeping a close eye on what students are doing at school and being aware of how prevalent drug use is within an educational institution is the first step in reducing its presence.

Principals, headmasters, and presidents can contact LawMan Security & Consulting for school-day or after-hours searches, depending on whether or not they would like for the students to be aware that the search is taking place.

K-9 Detection in the Workplace

You’d think work would be the last place drugs would show up, but users and sellers often lose their rational decision-making skills when it comes to their next high or making money. Whether your employees are bringing drugs to work to use or sell on the premises or if they are just transporting them from Point A to Point B, you can completely eliminate the risks associated with drugs on your property!

These risks can include absenteeism and low performance from your employees, but those are the least of your worries. On-the-job drug use can also lead to employee theft and irresponsible or dangerous actions on the job, all of which will end up costing you money while also putting your employees and customers in danger.

K-9 Detection at Home

It is a parent’s job to protect their children from bad choices. For peace of mind for parents who will stop at nothing to keep their children safe, contact LawMan Security & Consulting. We can come to your home and search the premises while your child is away. If our search turns up no cause for suspicion, there’s no harm done. On the other hand, if our dog alerts to an odor, you can take matters into your own hands by performing an in-depth search to locate any drugs or paraphernalia that may be present.

Giving homeowners the ability to search their own property can be beneficial in the case of temporary house guests, foster children, and children’s friends as well. There are many instances where discretion is crucial, and no one understands that better than LawMan Security & Consulting!

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