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CPTED For Your Business

Real Police. Real Protection.

LawMan’s Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) program can make a business safer and more inviting for customers. It could possibly even save lives and reduce the business owner’s risk of liability. Plus, it has the added advantage of creating a sense of security among your employees.

Let the LawMan experts evaluate your business site and devise a customized plan to fit your company’s safety needs. We will make an assessment of the grounds during both the night and the day. Our experienced staff will review the facility’s security plan and physical security measures, as well as review security equipment and technology. We will also evaluate personnel training and interview employees. After we have a better understanding of any possible vulnerabilities, LawMan will provide you with an in-depth, customized report of suggested process changes, physical improvements, and equipment upgrades.

Some of the assessments that LawMan will take into consideration include: Natural Surveillance, arranging your property for maximum visibility; Territorial Reinforcement, creating a clear distinction between public and private property; Natural Access Control, having a distinct points of entry and exit to allow for easy escape and police response; Maintenance of buildings and parking structures.

Take steps now to prevent crime and protect your business, call LawMan today.

For more information on our Evansville, IN and surrounding area CPTED services, send us a message, or call us at (812) 474-7536.