Every Corporation Needs a Comprehensive Security Plan

If your corporation already has some type of security plan in place, the current aspects of your security plan should be assessed. Your LawMan security consultant will assess your security plan to determine if there are security issues that need to be addressed. Site...

Should Your Employees Receive Self-Defense Training?

Self-defense training is essential for those who want to build confidence and ensure that they are protected against the unexpected. Today, many companies provide self-defense training as part of their wellness programs and as a way to ensure that their employees...

Security Patrol Benefits for Businesses

Many business owners balk at the idea of investing in security patrols. This is largely due to a lack of understanding about the full extent of benefits of having onsite security patrols, who are trained and current law enforcement officers. Here are a few of the benefits that make this an investment well worth considering.

Improving Workplace Security

As a business, it’s important to protect the health, safety, and well-being of your employees and customers while also protecting equipment, inventory, and other business interests. That’s why improving workplace security is becoming a critical issue for businesses today. Consider these few steps you might want to take in order to enjoy a more secure workplace for all parties.

The Expanding Duties of Security Officers

“Look busy.” It’s a command given by supervisors in many industries, but in none of those industries is it more prevalent than with security. In some ways, it’s the nature of the beast. Full-time security officers are paid based on what they are trained, prepared and willing to do, not what they actually do, in most cases.