I wanted to take a few minutes and express my deep gratitude for you and your team. The training today on Aggressive Behavior / Active Shooter was very good. As you know, we are presented with a multitude of security challenges because of our location in the city. Nick did a great job detailing the number of recognized and unrecognized threats in the United States today and it really opened our team’s eyes as to the potential threats that we can be faced with on a daily basis.

I especially appreciated the evasive maneuvers portion and we will certainly have you and your team to help us develop tactical strategies for our employees in the event that have an unfortunate incident at our site.

Once again, great job and thanks for committing yourself and your team to our safety and overall well-being. We know who to call when the going gets tough – LawMan!


Chuck Longino
EHS&S Manager
Berry Plastics