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      The Active Threat (Shooter), as Defined by the Department of Homeland Security:

      • An individual actively engaged in killing, or attempting to kill, people in a confined and populated area
      • In most cases, Active Threats use firearm(s)
      • Generally, there is no pattern or method when selecting their victims

      The FBI Reports that in a 13-Year Period:

      • A Total of 160 Active Threat Incidents Took Place in the U.S.
      • These Attacks Resulted in 486 Deaths, with 557 Wounded
      • 39 Active Threat Incidents Occurred in Educational Environments
      • 23 Active Threat Incidents Took Place in Businesses
      • Other sites with Active Threat Incidents included Health Care Facilities

      The Aftermath of Violence in Schools/Workplaces/Health Care Facilities:

      • Loss of life
      • Severe injuries
      • Traumatized survivors
      • Costly liability claims

      Take Our Proactive Approach to an Active Threat.

      We Train Students to Appropriately & Confidently React in a Violent Situation. Our training teaches students to appropriately prevent violent situations:

      • Training gives students the knowledge to identify possible violent situations BEFORE they occur
      • We provide on-site training at your place of business, school, campus, or health care facility
      • 1 hour of classroom instruction
      • 1 hour of scenario-based training
      • General class size is 20 students
      • Students are broken into small groups for training

      Our Experienced, Professional Trainers:

      • All trainers are sworn police officers with several years of experience
      • All are SWAT or retired SWAT team members
      • Officers have been extensively trained in active threat situations, as well as in a variety of high-stress, violence-in-the-workplace scenarios
      • All are officers who have responded to numerous workplace violence issues

      SOURCE: FBI, (Unclassified) Blair, J. Pete, and Schweit, Katherine W. (2014). Texas State University and Federal Bureau of Investigation, U.S. Department of Justice, Washington D.C. 2014

      Active Threat Training is Now Available!

      Active Threat Training: The Difference Between Wondering, “What if?” and Knowing, “What to do.” Contact Us NOW.

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