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LawMan Security & Consulting is your real professional security company in the Tri-State area. Out of all of the security companies in the area including the security companies in Indiana, Kentucky, and Indianapolis, LawMan is unique because it is staffed exclusively by active-duty law enforcement officers. LawMan can offer you all the benefits of our rigorous training and field experience – and our unmatched reputation for protecting the community – in a privately contracted service.

Before you contact any of the security companies in Indiana, Kentucky, or Indianapolis, give us a call. Our services include security, private investigation, personal protection courses, and are customized to fit your specific needs. Contact us to find out what LawMan can do for you.


We provide a wide variety of services

including a 24 hour help center, executive protection, after-hours business patrols, on-site business security, neighborhood patrols, residential checks while you're away, secured escorts, self defense classes, rental property patrols, car lot patrols and apartment complex patrols. Our extensive services surpass any of the other security companies in Indiana, Kentucky, and Indianapolis.


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I wanted to take a moment to drop you a note to express my appreciation for the services provided by LawMan.  Not only do your officers exhibit professionalism and commitment to their task, your company management is second to none.  The very few times we’ve had any issues, LawMan has taken immediate action for correction without question or debate.  That’s not something you normally see in private security or off duty work.  More importantly, when an officer has had to take enforcement action, you’ve been quick to contact me just to make sure it was all handled correctly.  I can’t tell you how much I appreciate that type of follow up. Read More


Q. How is LawMan different from other privately contracted security services?

A.  LawMan Security & Consulting is staffed exclusively by professional, active-duty law enforcement officers, while private alternativesRead More